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Detaylı Bilgi

19-26 Temmuz 2020 tarihleri arasında düzenlenecek olan 27. Dünya Mimarlık Kongresi’ne ev sahipliğini Rio de Janerio yapacak.

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Kongrenin teması şöyle:

“The Institute of Architects of Brazil – IAB (Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil – IAB) is pleased to submit to the evaluation members of the Union Internationale des Architectes – UIA (União Internacional de Arquitetos – UIA) institution that represents the architects of more than 130 countries ., its proposal for holding the World Congress of Architects UIA 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We propose the theme of the Congress be centered on the role of Architecture bearing in mind the urban reality of the contemporary world, where the diversity and multiplicity of urban forms and modes of production of the cities are expressed.

There are multiple cities, full of contrasts, of possibilities, of inequalities and of hits. Many of these urban worlds require specific attention, for which the Architecture in its wide dimension, has responsibility never exaggerated. Our stocks of planning, of designing and constructing interest all those worlds and about each have repercussion.

The notion of the planet termination imposes us new challenges in search of the preservation and sustainability, clearly in environmental conditions and certainly, equally in cultural conditions.

We all live in a same era. A sole world. The communication makes us instantaneous and the unfolding reach everybody.

In that context, the Architecture enriches your experience with no dogmas. The diversity of intervention modes, symbiosis between popular culture and those of the architects’, and the production of the new city of tolerance and recognition of the many contributions and pre-existences, the cities that may be responses to the urban century and that is intended to be, also, respect the environment and the needs of future generations.

In Brazil, of 200 million inhabitants, around 175 million living in cities, there are 20 metropolis; two megacities interlinked by land, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which make up a world of 33 million persons.

Brazil presents architecture-cities that somehow illustrate the many possibilities of the Architecture of the 21st century: poverty architectures of the slums and of the dynamism of the shantytowns; of the wealthy enclaves’ and of the enclaves of poverty, public space and interaction the mono-functionalism space. New cities and old cities.

All the worlds. Just one world. Architecture 21.”


19:Temmuz 2020, Pazar - 9:00 - 26:Temmuz 2020, Pazar - 19:00