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Along with the development of technology, industrialization and rapid population growth have increased the energy demand. The awareness of the energy crisis has led researchers to search for new solutions and use new technologies in this area. Renewable energy has an extremely important place in energy requirement of the countries with domestic resources, reducing the external dependency, diversifying the resources and ensuring sustainable energy usage and minimizing the damages to the environment as a result of energy consumption. Today, around 20 percent of the world’s consumed energy is supply from renewable sources. Despite the high level of dependence on fossil fuels in the current situation, the use of renewable energy has been increasing steadily over the years. The conventional energy sources that already supply most of the energy demand. However, it is estimated that fossil fuels, especially petroleum, will be consumed in the next 200-300 years. In order to be able to produce solutions for this situation, it is necessary to carry out many research/development and production/development projects related to both conventional energy sources and alternative energy sources.

The built environment is one of the areas that has been presenting the highest rates of primary energy consumption worldwide. The need for a more sustainable built environment in account of reducing energy consumption and emission has become a core issue in the focus of energy and environmental debates and policies which are requiring platforms continuously to share researches and findings, innovative approaches, new technologies and methodologies.

Therefore, the 1st  International Conference on Energy and Sustainable Built Environment (ICESBE 2019) entitled as “DESIGN TODAY SAVE FUTURE” is organized in order to bring together the fellow academicians, researchers, scientists, practicing architects and engineers on energy and sustainable built environment. The conference will provide this international forum for experts to present and discuss their new ideas, research results, applications and experience in the field.



19:Haziran 2019, Çarşamba - 10:00 - 20:Haziran 2019, Perşembe - 18:00


Kartal Conference Hall