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Call for Contributions

What defines architectural quality? Is it based on physical facts? Do the architect’s intentions and ideas provide the keys to the building’s
evaluation? Is it a matter of cultural context? Does it lie in the eye of the beholder? Or is it a combination of all of these?
How do architects, critics or historians define architectural quality? Are there any general methods and theories of architectural quality?

Do we need these at all?

Following the International Conference on Architectural Criticism of October 2021, this conference seeks papers that offer definitions of architectural quality.


Abstracts (max. 500 words) should outline a definition of architectural quality, and name two case studies of realized buildings that exemplify the method’s application. Abstracts should be submitted to icaq.abstract@gmail.com


Selection to the conference is based on the acceptance of the abstract. Authors will be invited to speak in one of four sessions together with four selected keynote lecturers during the
online conference on 8–9 and 15–16 October 2022, hosted by the Escuela Técnica Superior de
Arquitectura – Universidad de Navarra.


15:Ekim 2022, Cumartesi - 10:00 - 16:Ekim 2022, Pazar - 20:00