Ana Sayfaya Dön

XIV. Istanbul Internatıonal Archıtecture and Urban Fılms Festıval – Festıval

The screenings that started on Monday, December 7, 2020 ended on Friday, December 7, 2020.

In the festival held online due to the pandemic, including 45 documentaries and 6 animations 51 films met with the audience.

We would like to thank all directors, producers and film crews who contributed to our festival with their participation.

The awards from the films featured in the festival are as follows:

A Special Jury Prize in the Memory of Sami Yılmaztürk (The National Category):

Film: Santral
Director: Furkan Karabay
Origin: Turkey

Films awarded in the documentary category:

1st Prize:
Film: Where to with History?
Director: Hans Christian Post
Origin: Germany

2nd Prize:
Film: The Dreams of Others
Director: Xavi Campreciós & Pep Martín
Origin: Spain

3rd Prize: (3rd prize – sharing)
Film: Stalking Chernobyl: Exploration After Apocalypse
Director: Iara Lee
Origin: USA

3rd Prize: (3rd prize – sharing)
Film: LogOut
Director: Jarnal Saiful
Origin: Bangladesh

Films awarded in the category of animation:

1st Prize:
Film: Pangäa
Director: Markus Keim & Beate Hecher
Origin: Austria

2nd Prize:
Film: InECOnsistencies
Director: Daniel Zagórski
Origin: Poland

3rd Prize:
Film: İnsan Dur 1 Dakika
Director: Eren Bektaş
Origin: Turkey