Ana Sayfaya Dön

XI. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival – Files

Entry Form

1. Films eligible for the competition include documentaries and animations produced in the last 2 years featuring architecture and urban issues. Films should not have participated in this festival before.
2. Films participating in the competition will be limited to 60 minutes.
3. a) Foreign films which are not in English language will have English subtitles.
b) Domestic films which are not in Turkish language will have Turkish and English subtitles.
c) Domestic films in Turkish language will have English subtitles.
4. Regardless of the original format, the film should be sent to the organizer committee on DVD, SD MEMORY CARD or USB FLASH DRIVE (in MPEG2, MP4 or H.264 format).
Films can also be sent through online data transfer programs (Wimeo, Wetransfer, etc.).
Application form is available at; said form, accompanied with any other documents, should be returned to In case of any technical problems during preview of film, the director will be notified. The director must send a new copy no later than 48 hours. Otherwise, the film will be excluded from evaluation process.
5. Copies of film to be sent to the Organizer Committee by the competitor must be accompanied by:
a) Competition application form
b) 2 images from movie
c) 1 photograph of director
d) Turkish and English biography of directors participating from Turkey, and English biography of international directors (50 words maximum)
e) Film plot (50 words maximum). Furthermore, a 5-minute trailer copy should be provided.
f) The selection committee will have the right to exclude from competition any films which fail to duly meet application conditions.
6. Participants may participate in the competition with multiple films.
7. Films passing the elimination stage will be placed in the festival archive, and can be included in non-commercial displays upon notification to the director. Films included in festival display program can be displayed to public for education and non-commercial purposes which the film directors and producers will be deemed to have accepted and agreed.
8. Of the films that participate in the competition, the Festival Organizer Committee may include in the festival program all or some of the films passing the preliminary elimination. Such films will be evaluated by the jury, and the winners will be awarded.
9. Announcement of Competition: 1 June 2017
10. Application Deadline: 30 August 2017
Films delivered by courier must be submitted to the courier by no later than 29 August 2017.
11. Announcement of Results: Films to be displayed will be announced on 15 September 2017 while the winners will be announced in the awards ceremony on 28 October 2017.
12. The author shall be liable for any third party copyright claims which may arise during display of films.
13. If required, the Organizer Committee may change any Selection Committee members, and constitute a preliminary jury.
14. Awards:
First: Award Plaque and 5.000.- Turkish Lira
Second: Award Plaque and 3.000.- Turkish Lira
Third: Award Plaque and 2.000.- Turkish Lira
15. Board Members and employees of Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, Chamber of Architects, Union of Chambers of Turkish Architects and Engineers (TMMOB), selection committee members, those whom selection committee members provide consultancy and/or act as a business/project partner, etc., and their first degree relatives cannot participate in the competition.
16. Decision of selection committee is final. Decisions are made by majority of votes.