X. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival


October 7 – 15, 2016

The results of the X. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, Documentary and Animation Films Contest have been finalized.
The “Istanbul Architecture and Urban Films Festival”, which we have been organizing since 2007, is being held for the tenth time this year. This festival is organized on the occasion of the “World Architecture Day”, which is celebrated throughout the world on the first Monday of October every year, and is programmed within the scope of the “Architecture and Urban Festivity” organized by the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch.

This year, 833 films from 84 countries have applied at our festival. 197 films have been chosen in the initial screening, and 46 of these films have advanced to the finals.  The following films have been found worthy of being included in the projection program and awarded, in the evaluation made among the finalist films.




 Documentary Branch:

1st Prize: Ocean Hill Drive – Directors: Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann - Germany


2nd Prize: Exile
Director: Renata Claus


3rd Prize: Darkened Water
Director: Alireza Dehghan


Animation Branch:

1st Prize: Habitat
Director: Marcel Barelli


2nd Prize: Scale
Director: Amin Rahbar


3rd Prize: Urban Audio Spectrum
Director: Marina Schnider


The opening ceremony of the Festival will be held on Friday, October 7th 2016, at 19:00, at the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch. Film projections and events within the scope of the program will be organized at Istanbul Metropolitan Branch headquarters and affiliated Tekirdağ, Edirne, Yalova, Kırklareli representations and İstanbul Bakırköy and Kartal representations, as well as Kadir Has University Cibali Campus, Kadıköy Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center and Galata Association.
Chat sessions will be held regarding artistic fields such as architecture, cinema, photography, music during the festival.
The festival program may be accessed through our website at www.mimarist.org as of Monday, September 12th 2016.

X. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival Awards Ceremony

Time: October 15, 2016 Saturday at 7.00 pm
Location: Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
Karakoy, Kemankeş Cad. No. 31 Beyoglu - Istanbul
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X. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival documentary and animation  participated in the competition 833 films from 84 countries were determined movies found worthy of reward will be screened with films evaluated by the Selection Committee.
7-14 October, the audience will meet with the owners of the artifacts found in this film worthy of an award, on October 15, 2016 day at 7.00 pm  Architects will receive the award at the ceremony will be held at the Istanbul Metropolitan Branch.

Documentary Films Included in the Projection Program (in Alphabetical Order):

A Headstone for a Home - Director: Eszter Barabas – Romania        
Abandoned Berlin – Director: Jordi Busquets - Spain    
Andrew Keegan is Moving – Director: Justine Harbonnier - France        
At The Edge of The Cape – Director: Panagiotis Vekris - Greece    
Atlas of The Wounded Buildings – Director: Thadeusz Tischbein - Germany    
Back Home – Director: Ennio Donato - Italy        
Balcony Stories - Directors: Otilia Babara, Maxim Madonov, Maria Grazia Goya Barquet, Mate Vincze - Moldova
Bauhaus Windows - Directors: Anna Faroqhi and Haim Peretz - Germany    
Calle 17 con 7a Esquina     - Director: Céline Billard - France        
Chronicle of the Demolition – Director: Eduardo Ades     - Brazil        
Cities (Potential Space)    - Directors: Gusztav Hamos and Katja Pratschke - Germany    
Daha Güzel Bir Hayat – Director: Pınar Nadide Okan - Turkey        
Designs for Life, Børge Mogensen – Director:  Casper Høyberg - Denmark            
Frei Otto: Spanning the Future – Director: Joshua V. Hassel - USA        
Giuseppe Verdi and Glory – Director: Francesco Campanini - Italy        
Gözyaşı Yolu – Director: Engin Türkyılmaz - Turkey        
Indivisible Cities – Director: Annamaria Craparotta - Italy        
Kaç Para – Directors: Sara Durmuş and Gülşah Keleş - Turkey
Kobuto    - Director: Peter Behrbohm - Germany    
Last Exit Alexanderplatz – Director: Hans Christian Post - Denmark    
Ludovico’s Dream – Director: Annamaria Gallone - Italy        
Off History – Director: Selini Halvadaki - Denmark    
On the Rails of History    - Director: Evandro Souza - Brazil        
Opera 130: Palace on the Boulevard – Director: Géza M. Toth - Hungary            
Pallasseum – Invisible City – Director: Manuel Inacker - Germany    
Red Ochre: The Last Guards of The Holy Fire – Directors: Tim Drabandt and Fanon Kabwe - Germany
Rêger – Gezgin    - Director: Bulut Rênas Kaçan - Turkey        
River & Oak – Director: James Malekzadeh - Canada        
Schayer     - Directors: Jakub Gawkowski and Monika Olszewska - Poland
Senza Orfeo – Director Ernesta Caviola - Italy        
Sıradışı İnsanlar     - Director: Orhan Tekeoğlu - Turkey        
Vefa – Director: Baran Vardar     - Turkey    
Wandenkolk – Director: Bruno Firmino - Brazil         
Worlds on Edge     - Directors: Thiago B. Mendonça and Renata Jardim - Brazil

Animation Films Included in the Projection Program (in Alphabetical Order):

Bike Portraits – Director: Sashko Danylenko – USA
Da Vinci Project – Director:  Alain Escalle – France
Kınamaca – Director: Serdar Koçak – Turkey
Little Thing – Director: Or Kan tor – Israel
Right Ahead – Director: Duncan Senkumba – England
The Maze – Director: Mu-Cen, Xie - Taiwan